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About Us

Annona Gourmet opened online in 2008 and went brick and mortar in January 2009. We are locally owned & operated and are the premier Olive Oil and Vinegar store in Minnesota.

Our Extra Virgin & Infused/Fused Olive Oils are imported from around the world from countries such as Spain, Italy, Argentina, Portugal, Tunisia and of course, North America. Our Balsamic Vinegars come from Modena, Italy and include an 18 year as well as naturally infused products such as Sicilian Lemon, Black Currant, Fig, Dark Chocolate and many more. Stop in the store for a unique tasting experience.

We are proud to feature local and regional products such as honey, jams & jellies, soup mixes, spices etc; many of which are gluten free.

About the name Annona

Annona, the Roman Goddess of Grain, Commerce and the personification of plenty. She is also closely connected to Ceres, Goddess of Agriculture.

She is typically shown with her foot on the prow of a ship or holding the rudder and in her other hand holding a cornucopia or sheaves of wheat. Grain was very symbolic to the Romans as it represented independence. A society that was not dependent for food from outside sources was considered prosperous.